Discover Unparalleled Wedding Packages UK at The Pier House

When it comes to selecting wedding packages in the UK, the discerning couple seeks not just a venue but an experience that whispers elegance, shouts joy, and sings love. The Pier House, nestled on the North Devon coast, offers such an experience, transforming every moment into something not just memorable but utterly enchanting.

Why Choose The Pier House for Your Wedding

The essence of a perfect wedding day lies in the details — the sumptuous cascade of a perfectly prepared meal, the delicate arrangement of flowers that seem to dance in the light, and the seamless flow of a day guided by expert hands. At The Pier House, our wedding packages in the UK are crafted with this philosophy at heart.

Our Signature Wedding Packages:

  • The Hartland Package: A warm welcome drink awaits your guests, setting the stage for the magic to unfold.
  • The Clovelly Package: Canapés and drinks set the tone for an exquisite three-course carvery, followed by an evening of celebration.
  • The Lundy Package: Begin with elegance with canapés and drinks, leading to a gourmet three-course meal and a joyous evening reception.

Each package is a testament to our dedication to culinary excellence, meticulous planning, and the art of hospitality, starting from just £3000.

Tailored to Your Dream

Our venue is a canvas on which you can paint your dream day. With The Pier House, you’re not just booking wedding packages in the UK; you’re embarking on a journey to create something uniquely yours, framed by the stunning vistas of North Devon’s coastline.

The Culinary Experience

A wedding meal at The Pier House is not merely food on a plate; it’s an exploration, a celebration, an adventure. Our chefs craft dishes that dazzle, using locally sourced ingredients to bring the taste of North Devon to your table.

A Venue Like No Other

The Pier House stands as a beacon of elegance against the rugged beauty of the coast. Here, where the sky meets the sea, your wedding becomes a part of the grand tapestry of life’s most beautiful moments.

In the realm of wedding packages in the UK, The Pier House is unmatched, offering not just a day to remember but a lifetime of memories. Whether it’s the gentle caress of the sea breeze during your ceremony or the clink of glasses toasting to your future, our venue provides the perfect backdrop for your love story.